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Toshiba Viamo

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Product Description


Premium performance on the go.

Image quality is always critical in ultrasound, regardless of the exam conditions, from bedside to an operating room and everything in between. We worked with our customers to ensure that Viamo gives you easy portability and premium imaging tools that maximize your performance in any clinical situation. Our history of innovation in laptop computers influenced the design of a unique touchscreen interface that makes your work in any mode more efficient. Viamo is true performance to go.

  • Premium performance and imaging capabilities previously unavailable on systems of its size
  • Intuitive touch screen display provides flexible interface and is easy to disinfect
  • Rapid boot-up time (12 seconds)

Viamo ofers the portability of a laptopultrasound with the feature-rich, best in class imaging capabilities of advanced radiology, vascular, emergency and OB/GYN exams.

The Toshiba Viamo offers "Best in Class Functionality"

  • An easy-to-use touch screen interface allows customization to improve productivity and patient throughput
  • Aplio and Xario transducers are interchangeable with Viamo improving productivity and flexibility while saving cost
  • Premium imaging fdatures such as Advanced Dynamic Fkiwm ApliPure, Pulse Subtraction, and Quick Scan for improved clinical diagnosis
  • Pulse Substraction Pulse Subtraction provide superior image quality in 3D applications, routine examinations and difficult-to-scan patients
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF) applies the same ultra-high bandwidth normally used on in B-mode to Dopple signal processing. As a result, ADF offers superior spatial resolutions at high frame rates to accurately display flow with directional information even in tiny vessels.

ApliPure ApliPure delivers ultrasonic images of outstanding clarity, detail and definition in combination with other imaging needs.
Quick Scan With the pusf of a button. Quick Scan automatically optimizeds 2D gain level and spectral Doppler with acoustic precision while suppressing white noise in echo-week regions.