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Quantum Q-Rad Floor System

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Product Description

Quantum`s Q-Rad Floor mounted systems are feature-rich and provide full positioning functionality.

 Q-Rad-Digital Floor Mounted Systems are available as either single detector 14”x17” wireless cassette shared among table, wall, & tabletop, or dual-detector stationary 17”x17” in the wall stand and 14”x17” wireless cassette for table or table top

The versatility of the QS-550 Deluxe tube stand provides extended freedom of movement of the tube assembly, allowing for a wide array of examinations. Tube stand positioning is controlled through a series of accessible fingertip switches on the operator hand control. A single switch releases all tubes stand locks for multi-directional adjustments. An easy-to-read indicator displays system position. Expansive transverse and longitudinal travel, column rotation (+/- 90°), tube angulation (+/- 135°), and trunnion rotation (+45°/-20°), assure complete radiographic coverage. Even for the most challenging views, such as weight-bearing, cross-table and unique tabletop exams. Studies are simplified through the system’s generous range of motion and flexibility.

Available with SERVO-DRIVE and “Q-TRACK” technology, which provides motorized synchronization between the central beam of the x-ray and the center of the image receptor, keeping them in alignment. This feature allows the technologist to save time and effort, by liminating the need to constantly align the tube stand to the wall bucky, while ensuring a greater precision. “Q-TRACK” also automatically maintains the proper SID with the elevating table during vertical adjustments.


• Faster patient positioning
• Increased patient throughput
• Increased patient safety for patients that are only able to stand for short periods of time
• Better imaging accuracy, since the x-ray beam maintains constant alignment with the center of the image receptor

Quantum Medical Imaging is a highly innovative company that designs and manufactures superior medical radiographic systems for hospitals and imaging centers around the world. The company's mission is to supply the radiographic imaging industry with superior products for enhanced diagnostic capability. Quantum Medical Imaging is now part of the Carestream Health Company further expanding on the Quantum product portfolio providing the medical imaging industry with unparalleled imaging solutions for all medical needs.