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Quantum Q-Rad Ceiling Mounted System

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Product Description

Q-Rad Systems provide precision and reliability through "Smart-System Design" technology. Innovations such as TechVision, 650 lb patient weight capacity, FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking systems, collision avoidance electronics and EZ-Glide handle control are just some of the unique and valuable advantages of Quantum Q-Rad Radiographic Systems.

Quantum's wide selection of system configuration and extensive options, as well as its line of powerful 120 kHz ULTRA High Frequency X-Ray Generators, accommodate every type of radiographic system requirement and exam. The systems are also flexible enough to meet various room size requirements, as well as different facility budgets.

All Quantum Q-Rad systems and components are already designed to allow use of direct digital imaging technology (DR), as well as all CR solutions. Upgradeability is fast, easy and affordable with any Quantum Q-Rad system by the use of our "D-QiX" digital solution program.

Quantum's Ceiling-Mounted Radiographic Systems are designed for hospital emergency rooms, imaging centers and orthopedic facilities which demand not only high quality, but also maximum flexibility, in order to accommodate all types of imaging exams. Q-Rad systems are not only aesthetically pleasing, but designed with input directly from technologists.

Q-Rad Ceiling Mounted Systems use a 5-tiered telescoping column with expansive overhead horizontal and transverse tracks to provide for complete flexibility and virtually unlimited imaging procedures. With an optimum ceiling height of 9', even standing knees on children can be easily imaged.

  • Ceiling-Mounted Tube Support with an Optimum 9" Ceiling Height
  • "QT-750 Elevating Mobile Float-Top Table
    - 650 lb Patient Capacity
    - Elevation travel: 21" to 32.5"
  • "Verti-Q" Vertical Wall Stand
  • Full Compliment of Radiographic Exams
  • Significantly Improved Workflow
  • Easy Positioning for Cross-Table Exams
Quantum Medical Imaging is a highly innovative company that designs and manufactures superior medical radiographic systems for hospitals and imaging centers around the world. The company's mission is to supply the radiographic imaging industry with superior products for enhanced diagnostic capability. Quantum Medical Imaging is now part of the Carestream Health Company further expanding on the Quantum product portfolio providing the medical imaging industry with unparalleled imaging solutions for all medical needs.