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  • Arm Support
    Arm Support
    This unique device slips under a mattress and patient to hold his/her arms along the side while in a prone or supine position. The Arm Support is excellent for use during specials, catheterization and nuclear medicine...
  • Cavi Wipes
    Cavi Wipes
    CaviCide® is a convenient, ready-to-use, intermediate-level disinfectant which is effective against TB, HBV, viruses (hydrophilic and lipophilic), bacteria (including MRSA and VRE) and fungi. CaviCide® is safe for...
  • Ear Plugs for MRI
    Ear Plugs for MRI
    A box of 200 contains individually packaged pairs – perfect for use with MRI.
  • F-Spoon
    The F-Spoon is a hand-held, lever-action, radiolucent device used by a radiologist during supine abdominal fluoroscopy to displace bowel loops from one another and to better visualize tumors, ulcers and other abnormalities...
  • IVP Ureter Compression Device
    IVP Ureter Compression Device
    The Ureteral Compression Device is used in excretory urography. The belt fits around the waist of the patient so that he or she may be repositioned quickly for studies at any angle. The belt is 65"L and the plastic plate is...
  • Pet Transporter from Bar-Ray
    Pet Transporter from Bar-Ray
    This transporter provides a safe and secure way to move your patient easily. It consists of fiberglass poles with rubber hand grips, stain-resistant nylon that is reinforced with 2" webbing, and adjustable buckles to secure...
  • Replacement Parts for IVP Ureter Compression Device