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Carestream Vue Motion

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Product Description

Referring physicians and clinicians need real-time, on-demand access to imaging results and patient data to provide more responsive patient care. CARESTREAM Vue Motion is a zero-footprint vendor-neutral image viewer that uses a web browser or information embedded in an EMR portal to provide easy access to imaging data and patient information by on-site or remote clinicians. Vue Motion is FDA cleared for iPad mobile.

Intuitive, on-demand access for a comprehensive view.

  • Vue Motion can be implemented as part of a Carestream solution or as an independent viewer.
  • PACS-agnostic, it can be integrated with a third-party PACS or DICOM archive, embedded within an EMR or EHR portal, or used through URL activation.
  • The image viewer is built on Web and platform independent technologies to provide advanced back-end rendering and streaming, and access from a variety of browser-enabled devices utilizing HTML5.
  • Vue Motion requires no local installation or download and uses a single, intuitive user interface—no dedicated applications training required.
  • Vue Motion supports sticky notes communication, order information entry, and side-by-side image display for comparison and synchronization of a series or prior images.
  • The viewer offers simple to use viewing tools, such as a timeline for accessing historical images, zoom, pan, window, line measurements and cine to optimize image review, as well as a single click to corresponding reports and notes

Benefits throughout the enterprise.

Radiologists and Clinicians:

  • Non-diagnostic review accessible on a variety of devices
  • Can easily collaborate with other clinical users
  • Single point of access regardless of imaging source: PACS or Archive
  • Embedded imaging viewer in EMR provides simple access

 IT Managers:

  • Intuitive Web-based zero foot print technology that can be easily and quickly deployed, with no dedicated training
  • Easily managed with active directory (LDAP) support
  • Built-in auditing for HIPAA compliance

Simple and On-Demand Physician Access
Regardless of location, authorized users such as the referring physician can use Vue
Motion to access the entire imaging patient portfolio–anytime, anywhere. Pure-Web and
platform-independent technologies provide access from multiple operating systems and from
virtually any browser-enabled device.

Side-By-Side Image Comparison
Vue Motion offers powerful capabilities for data display– including comparison of relevant prior
exams side-by-side, with synchronized scrolling and display or reference lines between datasets
in different planes. This enables easy reviewing and consultation, making the process faster and
more convenient than ever before. Simple-to-use viewing tools, such as zoom, pan, window, line
measurements and cine, further optimize image review.

Enhanced Collaboration
Working in concert with other clinicians can be essential for high-quality patient care. So,
Vue Motion supports sticky notes communication, including indication of critical results. And,
with a single click, a physician can email a link to an exam to colleagues across town or across
the country– to expedite second opinions. Moreover, in an environment such as teleradiology,
the clinician can enter order information such as reason for the exam, and Vue Motion will
synchronize this key data with the study.

Intuitive Design Allows

Rapid Expertise
With Vue Motion’s intuitive operation, users require no application training. Zero-footprint design eliminates application software installation and maintenance.
The clinician’s viewing experience is enhanced with high-speed performance– because Vue Motion’s pure Web-based technology is supported by advanced
back-end rendering and streaming capabilities.

EMR/EHR Connectivity
Available as an independent viewer, Vue Motion can also be integrated within an EMR or EHR portal as an embedded application. Or, it can be utilized in a
separate window through URL activation. Either way, multiple logins are eliminated, saving end-users time when accessing critical patient information. Vue Motion also
includes Web access to view direct data.

A Comprehensive View
Vue Motion makes it easy for physicians to consult the patient’s entire clinical portfolio, as well as access data originated from a variety of clinical systems. These systems may produce data using standards such as HL7
and DICOM. Non-DICOM image data and  other le types are supported, too, including PDF, JPEG, AVI and others.