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Canon Vantage Titan 1.5T

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Product Description

The Vantage 1.5T MRI system reflects Canon's commitment to caring for your patients and your business.

Vantage gives you the benefit of diagnostic confidence because all of its components work perfectly together providing quality healthcare. Combining exclusive patient comfort features and industry-leading homogeneity, this system offers the fast, comfortable exams patients appreciate and the outstanding images you depend on.

Ultra-short, ultra-wide-bore system delivers patient-friendly exams and high performance applications

  • PianissimoTM technology reduces scan noise by as much as 90%
  • New magnet offers twice the homogeneity of other 1.5T systems
  • SPEEDER parallel processing supports high-speed, high-quality imaging
  • Advanced hardware platform increases patient throughput and system utility for years to come

Unsurpassed MRI Technology Vantage`s industry leading platform provides the prerequisites necessary to perform all state-of-the-art imaging techniques. Patient-friendly gantry and couch Vantage`s ultra-short bore magnet and 65.5cm gantry opening provides a greater feeling of openness for the patient, helping to reduce claustrophobic sensations normally associated with conventional long bore systems.

  • Ultra-short Magnet
  • High homogeneity
  • Length: 1.4 m (w/cover: 1.495 m)
  • Wide Flare and open

    Powerful Gradient System
  • 30 mT/m strength

    Slew rate:
  • Vantage AGV 50 T/m/s
  • Vantage XGV 130 T/m/s

    Powerful Computer System
  • Xeon  2.8 GHz (Dual)
  • New generation computer architecture
  • Fast reconstruction with 410 images/sec
  • Upgradeable

In today`s increasingly patient-driven environment, quiet-gradient systems like Vantage, using Pianissimo Technology, can effectively reduce gradient noise by up to 90%. As MRI scans become faster to support advanced applications, they generate increasing levels of noise that can be ultimately harmful, as well as extremely uncomfortable for the patient. For instance, Echo Planar Imaging (EPI), which is used for Diffusion, Perfusion and BOLD imaging, may produce noise as loud as 115 dB. Prolonged exposure to this level of noise could cause hearing disorders. For this reason, noise reduction technology is more important than ever.

For imaging centers and hospitals competing for patients and referrals, this noise reduction can be your competitive advantage by helping you promote a more comfortable MR exam for greater patient satisfaction. Vantage combines superior imaging with an advanced host computer and powerful processors to handle diagnostic data with increased speed and precision. The result is a system that is as fast as it is easy to use, promoting efficient exams and comprehensive diagnosis.