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Canon Ultimax

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Product Description

The Ultimax-i system provides a multipurpose digital X-ray system with a tilting C-arm table for multipurpose diagnostic applications and interventional radiology. The CCD camera and digital processor provide high-resolution digital fluoroscopic images from multi-directional views. Ultimax-i supports a variety of applications with easy operation.

Examinations can be performed in the ideal position for the procedure.

The system can be switched between AP mode and PA mode. For example, AP mode is employed in examinations involving endoscopy to ensure that the endoscopist has sufficient work space. On the other hand, PA mode is employed in GI studies and angiography in order to position the FPD as close to the patient as possible to ensure that high-quality images are obtained. In PA mode, a switch on the side of the FPD can be used to move the FPD while confirming the distance from the patient. Thus, both sufficient work space for the operator and high image quality can be achieved while maximizing safety.

Ensuring safe examinations

The patient's entire body can be examined from head to toe by simply moving the C-arm. This means that examinations can be performed more safely, without the need to reposition the patient. The C-arm can travel over an extensive stroke in the lateral direction as well, further improving examination efficiency and safety.

Improved access to the patient

Ample work space is provided on both the left and right sides of the tabletop, making it easier to perform endoscopic, ultrasound, and catheter studies. A clearance of 1 meter or more is provided at the rear of the tabletop.

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