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Canon Ultimax-i

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Product Description

Three systems in one – Angiography + Fluoroscopy + Radiography

An innovative design realizes a multidirectional interactive digital C-arm system, providing the ultimate configuration. The Ultimax-i manages all gastrointestinal studies, interventional radiology and angiographic procedures without compromise. Anatomical coverage from head to toe is in excess of 2 meters. -

  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Ultimate Speed & Response
  • Ultimate Ergonomic Efficiency
  • Ultimate Image Quality
  • Ultimate Dose Reduction Program

The incorporation of a C-arm permits the region of interest to be observed from various angles. In addition, the combination of a 43cm × 43cm flat panel detector (FPD) provides a large image field for a wide variety of examinations. The new imaging technology “Super Noise Reduction Filter (SNRF)” has been adopted to improve visualization in fluoroscopy, which is of critical importance in many examinations. This system makes it possible to perform multidirectional imaging with a large image field and excellent image quality. -

  • DR: The Ultimax-i meets the highest standard of flexibility and advanced image processing as a DR unit, including the capability of 3k x 3k imaging.
  • Arthrography and Myelography: The Ultimax-i provides the perfect solution for these procedures as it does for an unlimited range of interventional procedures.
  • Angiography: The Ultimax-i is the ideal multi-purpose unit matching the performance of dedicated interventional angiographic systems.
  • Pediatric DR: A removable grid and advanced X-Ray beam filtration ensure that the minimum possible dose is provided by the Ultimax-i.
  • Cystography & Salpingography: The clean table design and dedicated accessories are the perfect substitute for a dedicated cysto unit.
  • ERCP: The exceptional patient access provides the optimum workspace for ERCP examinations.
  • Venography: It is easy to track the contrast media real time and acquire images when most appropriate.
  • G.I. Studies: Uncompromised coverage of the large bowel and remote control of compression in PA or AP orientation.

ultimax-i-productivity-system-001.jpgPatient comfort and safety are a priority

Following initial positioning of the patient, the Ultimax-i can assume any orientation required with anti-collision technology in place to protect the patient at all times. A comprehensive dose reduction program, consisting of various hard- and software features, ensures the maximum result at lowest dose.