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Canon Aquillion RXL

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Product Description

The Aquilion RXL 16-detector row CT system delivers routine low-dose scans for each patient in a wide variety of clinical examinations with unsurpassed workflow. The system is designed to comfortably handle the pace in the busiest of departments, and will continue meeting healthcare demands well into the future.

Safe, Efficient and Accurate

Aquilion RXL incorporates Toshiba’s latest technologies for the reduction of exposure dose while maintaining high image quality.

Dose Reduction for Every Patient and Every Procedure

Toshiba offers a full suite of dose-reduction technologies to improve patient safety while producing high-quality images for accurate diagnoses.

Integrated, Automated and Adaptive Dose Management

In order to achieve the highest quality images at the lowest possible dose, Aquilion RXL includes an array of adaptive and integrated dose-reduction strategies. These strategies are implemented at every stage in the scanning process, from patient registration through data acquisition, raw data and image reconstruction.

Patient Registration
  • The system prompts the user to select the appropriate protocol based on patient age, weight and exam type
  • Dose is displayed on the console prior to scanning for operator confirmation and validation
  • Aquilion RXL includes the National Electrical Manufacturers Association XR-25 Dose Check requiring dose notification and alert features
  • Integrated SUREExposure 3D mA modulation is scanogram-based to automatically reduce patient dose
  • Active collimation limits helical overranging, reducing dose delivered to the patient on all helical scans
Raw Data and Image Reconstruction
  • Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D (AIDR 3D) adaptively targets noise in the raw and image data space and is used to automatically lower patient dose while maintaining spatial resolution and image texture*
Active Collimation

In helical scanning, exposure is needed before the start and after the end of the planned scan range in order to reconstruct images at these positions. This over-ranging requires at least one extra rotation, although only a small portion of this data is utilized. Active collimation synchronizes the width of the X-ray beam at the ends of the scan range to the clinically useful area needed for image reconstruction. By eliminating exposure that is not used for diagnosis, patient dose can be reduced.

New Console Architecture

Aquilion RXL accelerates the process of providing the information required for making the best treatment decisions throughout the workflow.

  • Single or optional dual console configuration
  • 3D advanced visualization on console
  • 0.5 second rotation standard
  • High-speed image reconstruction


Ultrafast Data Transfer
  • The enhanced DICOM protocol allows an ultrafast data transfer speed of up to 60 images per second
  • Automated data transfer to multiple destinations can be set in the exam protocol
MPR Image Generation—MultiView

MultiView automation saves time by reconstructing MPR images as a part of the exam protocol.


Toshiba’s sophisticated clinical application software packages for various anatomical regions provide automated processing for accurate diagnoses and significant improvements in workflow.

  • SUREStart
  • SURESubtraction*
  • SUREFluoro*
3D Reconstruction
Automated Bone Removal

Aquilion RXL incorporates automated bone removal algorithms to quickly and accurately segment bone in CT angiography examinations. In just a few seconds, high-quality angiographic images are available for diagnosis.