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Accuray Tomotherapy

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Product Description

A fully integrated, 3DCRT (3D conformal radiation therapy) and IMRT system, the TomoTherapy System is designed to provide each patient with highly accurate, quality individualized treatment using daily CT imaging and optimized beamlet-based delivery. The system’s unique helical design enables it to treat a broader range of tumors, expanding radiation therapy options for more patients.

Created to make personalized treatments an option for all patients, the TomoTherapy® H™ Series offers planning and delivery of highly sculpted dose distributions consistently, to meet the needs of all your radiation therapy patients. Treat tumors with confidence.

The TomoTherapy H Series, the premier solution for the entire spectrum of radiation therapy — that delivers dose only where you need it — now with outstanding speed, performance and simplicity. Allowing you the freedom to choose the very best treatment for each of your patients — with confidence and without compromise.

TomoHDA™ System
The ultimate flexibility in treatment delivery with unrivaled dose conformality, faster patient treatments, and faster concurrent treatment planning

  • TomoHelical™ Mode
  • TomoDirect™ Mode
  • 1, 2.5 and 5 cm Jaw Sizes
  • High Performance VoLO™ Planning
  • OIS Interface (to Aria or MOSAIQ)
  • Remote Software Solutions •
  • TomoEDGE™ Dynamic Jaws

TomoHD™ System
The full spectrum solution for any radiation oncology center, providing high quality treatments to every patient for any clinical indication requiring radiotherapy

  • TomoHelical Mode
  • TomoDirect Mode 
  • 1, 2.5 and 5 cm Jaw Sizes
  • Standard VoLO Planning
  • OIS Interface (to Aria or MOSAIQ)
  • Remote Software Solutions


TomoH™ System
The gold standard for image guided IMRT treatment delivery. It provides streamlined 3D CT daily image guidance and ultrafast binary MLC modulation to deliver excellent target homogeneity and normal tissue sparing.

  • TomoHelical Mode
  • 1, 2.5 and 5 cm Jaw Sizes
  • CPU Optimizer

Treat More Patients, Expand Practice
The TomoTherapy H Series includes clinical capabilities not possible with other treatment systems. The fast flexible treatment planning for each individual patient and rapid daily 3D CT image guidance ensures patients are treated precisely. With the TomoTherapy H Series you can focus on what is important — your patients.

Patient Focused Design
Designed with the patient in mind, the TomoTherapy H Series systems enhances patient comfort and improves the patient experience

  • Soothing environmental elements
  • Easy and efficient treatment
  • Uniquely personalized treatments


For all your radiation therapy patients, delivering treatments, whether simple or complex, doesn’t need to be difficult. The TomoTherapy® H™ Series uses a workflow-based User Interface to improve efficiency and enhance usability, simplifying even the most complex cases. All aspects of treatment — from patient setup to imaging and throughout delivery — are managed by intuitive, integrated software that safely guides operators through all steps of the patient treatment process. Treatments can be delivered and completed with the confidence that comes from knowing that all components of the system are working in harmony, allowing you to increase throughput and treat more patients.

Accuray, develops, manufactures and sells precise, innovative tumor treatment solutions that set the standard of care with the aim of helping patients live longer, better lives.